A Physique Coach Shared the 5 Simple Things All Shredded Guys Do – Men's Health

Paul Revelia counts down the golden rules for getting lean.
In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Pro Physique’s

Paul Revelia broke down what he believes to be the five habits of people who have been able to get lean and shredded, and just as importantly importantly, stay that way.
Focus on protein
In addition to being one of the key building blocks of muscle, protein is also the most filling macronutrient, meaning that a protein-rich diet will help to keep you sated while eating at a caloric deficit during weight loss.
"Set your goal weight, whatever that goal weight is, if you’re hitting protein plus or minus 10 percent of that weight, you are golden," says Revelia.
Don’t "diet"
"If you are truly going to be ripped and shredded, you are not going to be on a diet. It’s not going to have a fancy name. It’s going to be something that is specific to you, that includes the foods you enjoy. It is going to be a philosophy, not a diet… You cannot pinpoint my diet to a name, because I eat a wide variety of foods, but they fit my goals."
Be accountable
This can mean tracking your calorie intake or macronutrients each day to ensure you stay on track. "Don’t get overwhelmed," says Revelia. "It’s not a judgment of your eating. What we’re going to learn is where you keep your average calories to sustain your weight."
Avoid drinking your calories
"Drinking your calories means they’re going to digest very quickly and you’re not going to get a lot of satiety from it," he explains, "versus when you get the volume and the satisfaction of eating foods and drinking a zero-calorie drink like water with it."
Consistency is king
If you have followed the first four rules, you’ll find yourself in a good place to be consistent, disciplined, and structured in your new routine. "It’s about creating patterns," says Revelia.

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