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Monsoon brings with it a wave of respite from the scorching heat, and the pleasant change of weather is often enjoyed with some good food. But this is also the season that increases the vulnerability of the body and may lead to several seasonal infections, allergies, waterborne and airborne diseases; And this is the reason why we all have heard our elders suggesting to avoid eating outside and reduce the intake of eggs, meat and fish. Well, if you too find it difficult to analyse and ensure that the eggs, fish and meat you buy from the market are safe to consume or not, then we have found some simple ways to check and be sure that you aren’t eating infected eggs or meat.
Monsoons lead to the infestation of bacteria and pathogens due to damp weather conditions. It is also the time when the chances of Salmonella disease and E-coli are high, which may lead to indigestion, food poisoning and upset stomach, and the best way is to avoid eating eggs during this season. However, if you are someone who loves eating eggs even during this season then this quick egg test will help you understand whether the egg is fresh or stale.
To check the eggs you just need a tall glass of water or a beaker filled with water. Drop in the egg. If it stays down then the egg is fresh, but if it floats up then the egg is stale or old. The stale or old egg floats up because as the egg ages the air pockets inside the eggs grow bigger as the water is released and replaced by air.
Pro tip: Make sure when you crack open the eggs, check if there is a foul smell. Also check for the appearance of any greenish tint around the egg yolk. Lastly, make sure you cook the eggs well, if you are consuming them in the monsoon season.
If you are cooking meat in this season, the most essential tip is to cook it properly inside out in order to avoid any chances of consuming pathogens or bacteria, which may lead to food poisoning or an upset stomach. You can check the temperature of meat using a kitchen thermometer.
A simple way to check the freshness of chicken is to look for red or black spots. Apart from that, touch the flesh of the chicken if it looks pale in colour, or has a sticky residue, then the chicken is old and spoiled, because fresh chicken has glossy and firm texture.
Pro tip: Make sure that you wash the chicken in some lukewarm water with some salt and turmeric to ensure that there are no pathogens or bacteria present in the chicken. Always par boil the chicken before cooking in the rainy season.

We all love gorging on fishes and delicious seafood, but it is often advised to avoid eating them in the monsoon season. This is because monsoon season is the breeding season for fishes and the changes in their body or any development of infectants pass on to the humans on consumption, this is why we must refrain from eating fish. If at all you can’t resist the temptation you can check for a few things to ensure that you eat only fresh f9ish.
To begin with, check the scales of the fish, the scales and the body of the fish appears firm and colours look bright and metallic, then chances are that the fish is freshly picked from the water source. Next, check for the gills and eyes, if there’s a whitish dull appearance on the eyes and the gills do not look reddish pink, then it indicates that the fish is old and stale.
Pro tip: If you are consuming fish in this season avoid eating fish eggs. If you are planning to cook fish, wash and clean the fish and marinate it with some turmeric and salt, this ensures that there’s no development of bacteria in the fish, and always cook the fish inside out to avoid any presence of pathogens.
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